Missing 81 with Alzheimer's disease from Descanso, California

DESCANSO, CALIFORNIA. MONDAY, OCTOBER 12, 2020. MISSING SENIOR CITIZEN. ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE. PLEASE HELP. Police in California have created an alert for an elderly man with Alzheimer's disease who went missing recently.

Authorities with the San Diego County Sheriff's Office want to know if you have seen 81 year old Kenneth Zimmerman.

Officials indicate that Kennekth is a missing person at risk from Descanso, California.

46 year old woman missing from Lancaster, Texas

DALLAS COUNTY, TEXAS. SUNDAY, OCTOBER 11, 2020. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE. MISSING WOMAN INVESTIGATION. PLEASE HELP. The image of the woman below is the subject of a missing person investigation being conducted by the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Authorities report that 46 year old Lori Ann Pitts was last seen on Saturday, October 3, 2020.

Lori is registered as a missing person with the Texas Department of Public Safety.


16 year old missing from Davenport, Iowa

SCOTT COUNTY, IOWA. SUNDAY, OCTOBER 11, 2020. MISSING JUVENILE ALERT. PLEASE HELP LAW ENFORCEMENT IN THEIR INVESTIGATION. Police in Iowa are sharing on digital media the information of a young girl who went missing recently.

Authorities report that 16 year old Glenda Christner was reported missing on Friday, October 9, 2020.

Glenda was registered as a missing endangered juvenile with the Scott County Sheriff's Office in Davenport, Iowa.


15 year old missing from Munger, Michigan

MUNGER, MICHIGAN. FRIDAY, OCTOBER 9, 2020. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE. MISSING JUVENILE REPORT. PLEASE ASSIST. Michigan state police officers are requesting information from the public in locating a juvenile who went missing last month.

Authorities report that 15 year old Courtney Badour was last seen on Thursday, September 17, 2020.

Officials are reaching out on digital media to share her information and help bring her home safely.

32 year old missing from Hunters Hollow, Kentucky

BULLITT COUNTY, KENTUCKY. FRIDAY, OCTOBER 9, 2020 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE. MISSING ENDANGERED PERSON. An alert has been created in the Commonwealth of Kentucky for a man whom sheriff's deputies report as being endangered.

32 year old Justin Burt was last seen on video outside his residence on Friday, September 4, 2020.

He was last seen around at 1:57 am in the early morning hours in Bullitt County, Kentucky in the area of Angelina Road.

13 year old missing from Montford Cove, North Carolina

MCDOWELL COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA. FRIDAY, OCTOBER 9, 2020. MISSING CHILD ALERT. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE. Sheriff's deputies in North Carolina are desperate for help in locating a juvenile who went missing in rural North Carolina.

13 year old Harley Klie was last seen on Stoney End Drive off of Rockhouse Road, in Montford Cove, North Carolina.

He was last seen in the early afternoon hours of Thursday, October 8, 2020 and is registered as a missing juvenile with the McDowell County Sheriff’s Office.

15 year old missing from Lafayette Parish, Louisiana

LAFAYETTE PARISH, LOUISIANA. THURSDAY, OCTOBER 8, 2020. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE. MISSING TEENAGER INVESTIGATION. Sheriff's deputies in the state of Louisiana are sharing on social media the information of a young teenager who went missing recently.

The Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office would like the public's assistance to help locate 15 year old Mackenzie Melancon.

Mackenzie was last seen in Duson, Louisiana and is registered as a missing juvenile with the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office.

Missing teenager from Crystal River, Florida

CITRUS COUNTY, FLORIDA. SEPTEMBER 9, 2020. MISSING JUVENILE INVESTIGATION. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE. Police in Florida are hoping that you will recognize the girl in the image and help the police to bring her home safely.

On October 5, 2020, 15 year old Kayla Desiree-Marie Nienhuis was reported as a missing juvenile runaway to the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office. Please note, this is at least the third time Kayla has went missing.

Kayla was last seen around 5:00 pm on the afternoon of Monday, October 5, 2020 in Crystal River, Florida.

At risk teenagers missing from Anderson, California

ANDERSON, CALIFORNIA. WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 7, 2020. CRITICAL MISSING ALERT. MISSING JUVENILES INVESTIGATION. Police in California are requesting the assistance of the public in helping locate two teenagers who went missing earlier this week.

The Anderson Police Department is seeking the community's assistance in locating two at-risk juveniles.

14 year old Delsin Keith left his home in Anderson, California during the nighttime hours of Sunday, October 4, 2020.

16 year old missing from Avon, Indiana

AVON, INDIANA. WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 7, 2020. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE. MISSING JUVENILE ALERT. PLEASE ASSIST LAW ENFORCEMENT. Police investigators in Indiana are sharing on Facebook the information of a juvenile who went missing.

The Avon Police Department is hoping that the community can help bring a young teenager home safely.

The Avon Police Department reports that 16 Lily Overman was last seen in Avon, Indiana.


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