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In order to search for license plates, you must purchase a Premium Membership subscription. 

PL8PIC Premium Membership plans are easy and affordable.
$14.99 for 1 month
$64.99 for 6 months
$99.99 for 1 year

With a PL8PIC Premium Memership, you will be able to: 

* Search for unlimited license plates for the length of your Premium Membership Plan. For example, you may search for any license plate number. If the license plate number that you search for is found, the search results will be shown. 

* Also, your search will be stored. If your search for a license plate number yields no results, your license plate number search will be saved. If the license plate number you were searching for is uploaded by another PL8PIC user, you will receive a push notification to your cell phone, if you have registered your cell phone number during registration. 

* Since PL8PIC does not have owner information regarding who owns specific license plates or vehicles, you will not be able to search by an individual's name. Also, you will not be able to search by location, date, make, model, or color of vehicle. You will only be able to search by the exact license plate number. 

* If your license plate search yields a result, you will be able to see a map of where the image was taken, the image, the license number, and the date which the image was taken. Please be aware that the location referenced in the image is approximate and differ by up 300 feet.

To purchase a Premium Membership, click here.  

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