Missing from Butte, Montana, 13 year old Megan Speak Thunder

Authorities in Montana need your help finding 13 year old Megan Speak Thunder. Megan was last seen on the morning of June, 14, 2018 in Butte, Montana. Since that time, family has not seen or heard from Megan. Family is worried about Megan and is reaching out on social media to help bring her home safely. Megan is described as a female with black hair and brown eyes, 5'7" tall, an weighing 150 pounds. Additional information about Megan, including a last seen clothing description, was not available at the time of this missing person alert.

If you have seen Megan or have any information about her, please contact your local police department. If you have five seconds, copy and paste this #PL8PIC link to social media as a public post, tag several friends, and use the hashtag #findMeganSpeakThunder to help this alert go viral. You never know. You might just help save a life.

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