Missing from Clarkston, Georgia, 17 year old Mara Bradley

Police in Georgia need your help finding 17 year old Mara Bradley. Mara was last seen around 12:00 pm noon on Friday, February 9, 2018 in Clarkston, Georgia. Mara is described as a white female with fair skin, blue eyes, 5'7" tall, and weighing 135 pounds. Mara has short hair that was dark brown on Friday, February 9, 2018 but it believed that she has since colored or bleached it. Mara might even be wearing a wig.

Mara has a cool-looking blue leather briefcase backpack with her and family is unsure if she is on foot or in a vehicle. Mara also left behind all of her technology and she had no money. Family is worried that Mara might get into trouble by people whose intentions are not good. According to family, Mara has the sweetest cherub cheeks and dark, sculpted eyebrows that are "on point." She has a wicked sense of humor so while she likes to look serious and unapproachable, she will melt into hilarity for the right reasons.

Family continues by saying that Mara has a great fashion sense and a love of baseball hats and sweatshirts--she might be in her favorite Halsey gray sweatshirt. Mara will also answer to the nickname "Cain" and she truly loves cosplay. It is also noted that she truly enjoys fabulous wigs and colored contacts. Mara will stop to talk to any Corgi she sees. She loves tiny things and stuffed animals. K-pop is her choice of music and Smartfood, diet soft drinks, and Chinese food are her faves--but she will stop dead in her tracks for Chik-fil-A.

Mara Bradley poster

According to her family, "Mara Bradley-Chiofalo is a glorious 17 year old kid who really should not be on her own right now or in the care of anyone that doesn't love her as much as her family. Help us bring her home. Email me at mamachiofalo@gmail.com or call/text 404-219-0146."

If you have seen Mara or have any information about her, please contact the Clarkston Police Department at 1-404-292-9465. If you have five seconds, share this #PL8PIC link to social media as a public post, tag several friends, and use the hashtag #findMaraBradleyto help this alert go viral. You never know you might just save a life.

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