Please help identify this man who was in a train accident

A reader in Holland sent us this article about a man who was in a train accident in Holland. Police in Holland believe that the man is from Texas, due to the clothing that he was wearing at the time of the accident. We are using the translation to help American readers. Please help identify this unknown person.

UTRECH, HOLLAND. JANUARY 25, 2020. On the evening of Saturday, January 18, 2020, a man died after a collision with a train at Vaartsche Rijn station.

Unfortunately, the identity of the victim is not yet known. In this message we provide an extensive description and detailed photos, in order to give this man a name.


Around 8:00 pm on January 18, 2020, a man was hit by a train at Vaartsche Rijn station. An investigation was immediately initiated and it was established that there was no foul play. However, police can not answer who this man is.


The man had nothing with him and was no longer recognizable due to the collision. By providing this description and a number of detailed photos, the criminal investigation department hopes that someone will recognize the man.


The decedent is described as a white male between 20 and 40 years old with straight hair and blue/green eyes. He stood between 5'9" and 6'2" tall. He also had a large piercing in his left ear.


Additionally, he might have had ear gauges and/or tubes. The tubes are no longer there. He had black belt tattoos on his right forearm and a tattoo on his left shoulder of a prism. He also had a bar in his left ear.


He was wearing a jacket with three horizontal stripes that were red, white, and blue. The jacket had the writing TexCon and Provident City below it, in white lettering. The name William was stitched on the right pocket in cursive. He wore a second coat below that was light blue in color. He was also wearing Doc Martens boots.


Do you know who this man is? Are you missing someone who meets this description? Then contact the criminal investigation department. They can be reached via +31-0900-8844 or fill in the tip form below. Anonymous reporting can also be done via +31-0800-7000.


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Map of the area where the unknown man was found.

Information courtesy, as well as updates, can be found by clicking the link below:

Identiteit man die overleed na aanrijding met trein nog altijd onbekend - 112Vandaag

Utrecht - Zaterdagavond 18 januari kwam een man om het leven na een aanrijding met een trein bij station Vaartsche Rijn. Helaas is de identiteit van het slachtoffer tot op heden niet bekend. In dit bericht geven we een uitgebreid signalement en detailfoto's, om zo deze man een naam te kunnen geven.

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