Missing 15 yr old Elizabeth Thomas found safe, former teacher Tad Cummins behind bars

A four week ordeal that covered over 2,500 miles has finally ended. Fifteen year old Elizabeth Thomas, who has been missing since March 13, 2017, has been found safe in northern California. Fifty year old Tad Cummins, her former teacher who had been suspected in her disappearance, was also found, arrested, and is now in jail.

The entire country had been following this case from the beginning when Elizabeth and Tad went missing from their home city of Culleoka, Tennessee. Cummins was released from his teaching job when an allegation was made that he was seen kissing Elizabeth Thomas at school.

Elizabeth was found safe in Cecilville, California, a small village near the Oregon border in northern California. Police officials including the FBI have been on the hunt for Cummins, submitting flyers and warnings looking for the pair. The couple was spotted in a surveillance camera in a Walmart on March 15 but that video led investigators nowhere.

Authorities report that tip a from an alert person came in that Tad's Nissan Rogue was seen in a rural portion of Siskiyou County, California. Authorities believe the tip was seen by someone who had seen the national alerts and attention that had been placed on the case. Cummins had likely chosen the spot due to its remote location. In fact, it took authorities a couple hours to get to the spot where the vehicle was once the tip was called into the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

The news is good for Elizabeth's family but not for Tad. Tad is now looking at charges of sexual contact with a minor and aggravated kidnapping. However, in an odd twist, Tennessee law will allow children over the age of 12 to leave their family if leaving would help the child to overcome a "force, threat, or fraud" they believe to be present in their living condition.

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