Heroic act of escape, Bridgette Crick

Image of the missing person: 
We are overjoyed to report that Bridget Crick is safe. Her heroic act saved her own life. Bridget was being kept captive against her will by an individual and was able to break free from her captor. Because of the sensitive nature of this report and alert, we will not report further details. We are just glad Bridget is safe and home. Thanks to all who shared!

Bridgette is described as a white female with red hair and hazel eyes, 5'7" tall, and weighing approximately 170 pounds. When last in contact with her family, Bridgette took the TARC bus, texted with her parents, and it is reported that her boyfriend was the last to see her.

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Bridgette Crick
Unique mark of the missing person: 
Race: white Hair: red Eyes: hazel
City/state last seen: 
Louisville, KY, United States
Date missing person was last seen: 
January 8, 2017
Police department that is investigating: 
Louisville Metro Police Department
Police contact number: 
5'7" 170 lbs.